Real Estate Investing services

Rental Property Managers
Real estate can be a sound investment, and one that has the potential to provide a steady income and build wealth. This is why Growth Agents is set as a real estate investment management and focusing on providing services on Managing Rental properties and companies.

Real Estate Investment Groups
When there is the need to become a rental property owner but you do not have the knowledge or can take the hassle of being a landlord, a real estate investment group may be the solution for the issue.
Growth Agents will set up such a structure which will build or buy a set of buildings, and provide investors the ability to buy these through a share of the company, thus joining the group. The vehicle company that operates the investment group will manage all the units and take care of maintenance, advertising, and finding tenants.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs – SIGIs)
The SIGIs (Sociedades de Investimento e Gestão Imobiliária) framework might well be the next step for a Real Estate Investment Group and we at Growth Agents are placing ourselves as a solution for the setup and management of a SIGI focused mainly on Healthcare related real estate.

This legal framework is recent in Portugal and came into force last February, 2019. SIGIs are real estate investment companies governed by the rules of the Commercial Companies Code, with regards to public limited companies, and the Securities Code. With a minimum share capital of € 5,000,000, such a company will not be able to be admitted to the regulated market, it will however, access “Euronext Growth” or “Access” and will thus guarantee dispersion of capital by small investors and other regulation requirements.