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Growth Agents is set to provide investment management, consulting and advice for private markets in Portugal.

Most importantly, Growth Agents provides independent brokerage and consulting services to investment deals, as such, our service is based on available business opportunities and connections at hand. We moreover, aim at creating synergies between investment preferences and performance expectations of the investors with all given opportunities.

Our Approach

We seek business opportunities to partner with investors who have stable and growing ambitions.

Our experienced business development capabilities and synergic management resources provide our investors the deals and business opportunities they need to achieve the next chapter of their business objectives.

We pride ourselves on finding mutually beneficial solutions which embrace the needs of all involved parties while meeting each business investment objective.
Moreover, Growth Agents is setting itself as a solution in the setup and management of Real Estate Investment Groups and SIGIs – ‘Sociedades de Investimento e Gestão Imobiliária’ (the Portuguese REITs – Real Estate Investment Trusts).

Programa +CO3SO Emprego Urbano – (GAL) Norte-07-04740-FSE-002381 – Apoio à criação do próprio emprego
Data de ínicio | 17-Maio-2021
Data de conclusão | 31-12-2022
Custo total elegivel | 123.158,60€